Les Belles Collines California Pinot Gris

Les Belles Collines


   The Wine

灰皮諾往往被認為是平價的佐餐酒,因為他個性較不鮮明,變化度也較弱,但是美麗山丘的灰皮諾徹底顛覆這個印象。Les Belles Collines 釀造的Pinot Gris,來自加州三個風格迥異的優異產區,透過混合各產區的優點,打造出一款清爽酸度與水果風味及礦石感兼具的特殊風格的灰皮諾。

第一個產區是Sonoma County的Russian River Valley,受到河谷地形的影響,氣候涼爽,使得葡萄保有充足的酸度。另一個則位於內陸地區,氣溫較為溫暖的Clarksburg,因此生長的葡萄能帶給葡萄酒奔放的熱帶水果與桃子風味。第三個來源產區是Monterey,洋流的冷涼空氣從蒙特雷灣進入Salinas Valley,徘徊在Santa Lucia 與Gabilan山區之間,日間氣溫很少超過攝氏25度。雨量稀少加上排水良好的砂質土壤,產出的果粒具有高集中度與複雜度。



  The Grapes

Pinot Gris


  Tasting Notes




  • 2016 酒款評分:Wine Enthusiast 89
  • 2015 酒款評分:Wine Enthusiast 92 (Editors’ Choice)
  • 2014 酒款評分:Wine Enthusiast 91 (Editors’ Choice)
  • 2012 酒款評分:Wine Enthusiast 86


   For the Trade

Thank you for your interest in Les Belles Collines.  If you do not find what you are looking for below, please contact us at info@lesbellescollines.com.



Wine Enthusiast 87

This wine is low key, full bodied and moderately fruity, offering light apple aromas and a good, lively texture.












Wine Enthusiast 89

Copious aromas and flavors of ripe melons, pineapples and pears give this full-bodied wine a lot to like. It is effusive and fruity, not quite sweet but very ripe. The mouthfeel is rich, filling and broad.






Wine Enthusiast 91  (Editors’ Selection)

Crisp, clean flavors of apple and apricot shine in this medium-bodied, lively and dry white, an ideal companion at the table. A sly finish of lemon peel adds to its refreshment, and it’s best enjoyed now.


Wine Enthusiast 91 (Editors’ Selection)

Completely stainless-fermented and aged, this is a blockbuster of a white wine, refreshing and exotic in floral intoxication. Dry and lightbodied, it offers an edginess of slate-like minerality along with aromas of apricot and peach, finishing in a dusting of white pepper. Editors’ Choice.


Wine Enthusiast 86

This Pinot Gris is quite ripe and soft with flavors of tangerines, limes and papayas, along with a hint of toast and vanilla. It’s just a tad off-dry and very easy to drink.

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