Les Belles Collines Russian River Valley Pinot Noir

Les Belles Collines


   The Wine

黑皮諾是一種考驗釀酒師的品種,因為這種葡萄最容易反映生長地區風土條件,當天氣過熱,酒體將失去酸度平衡。過冷又會在酒中出現無法掩蓋的青澀味。美麗山丘選自來自Russian River Valley的葡萄,因為在這個全加州中格外冷涼的區域,除了海洋的冷氣沿著河谷籠罩這塊區域,保留明亮的酸度之外,隨著日照增強,午後霧氣散去,有效地避免了潮濕的霧氣會對葡萄果粒造成的疾病影響,又能帶給葡萄足夠的糖分與酚類物質的成熟。

此外酒莊更不計成本,選擇維持與Opus One相同的低產率,以確保葡萄具有足夠的集中度與濃縮感,在選果台再淘汰10%~15%的受損或狀況不盡完美的果粒。採收後,David Pan 更決定不對葡萄進行壓榨,只使用自流汁進行釀造。含梗比例為25%。透過冷浸泡萃取顏色與新鮮的果香。新法國橡木桶與一年桶兩年桶各1/3的比例進行培養。


  The Grapes

Pinot Noir


  Tasting Notes




  • 2018 酒款評分:Wine Enthusiast 93
  • 2015 酒款評分:Wine Enthusiast 94
  • 2014 酒款評分:Wine Enthusiast 92
  • 2013 酒款評分:Wine Enthusiast 93
  • 2012 酒款評分:Wine Enthusiast 89 (Cellar Selection)


   For the Trade

Thank you for your interest in Les Belles Collines.  If you do not find what you are looking for below, please contact us at info@lesbellescollines.com.



Wine Enthusiast 95

This is a light, delicate and nuanced wine, 30% whole-cluster pressed and retentive of a feral quality that appeals and intrigues. Strawberry, cardamom and black tea top a buzzy framework of lively acidity and a powerful tannic backbone, with a peppery finish that lasts for days.




Wine Enthusiast 94

A light, ethereal quality ignites this wine’s compelling high-toned acidity and subtle, integrated oak. Juicy orange and cranberry form its core, as roses permeate the nose. The texture is silky smooth and inviting.





Wine Enthusiast 92

This soft, fresh and rose-laden wine spent less than a year in French oak, 40% of it new. Juicy and medium bodied, it builds complexity and texture on the palate, becoming more voluptuous and velvety as it heads into a cinnamon-kissed finish.


Wine Enthusiast 93

Beautiful aromas of rose and lavender open this wine, followed by intense mushroom, truffle and earth. Bright in acidity, a wild strawberry flavor sharpens the focus as soft, well-integrated tannins and subtle oak intermingle. The entire package finishes with a bang of crisp red-cherry fruit.


Wine Enthusiast 89

This is an interesting wine for its earthy mushroom and tea flavors accenting a backdrop of strawberry jam. In its youth, the wine is dry, tannic and acidic, but it may well be an ager; give it six years to come around. Cellar Selection.

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