Les Belles Collines Russian River Valley Chardonnay

Les Belles Collines


   The Wine

Les Belles Collines 的Chardonnay 最佳地展現出酒莊的風格。加州的Chardonnay,往往都是甜美並帶有奶油質地的風格。美麗山丘追求更為優雅古典,令人百喝不膩的風味,重新定義了何謂加州Chardonnay的滋味。酒莊從產區開始就極為講究,美麗山丘只選擇來自Russian River Valley的葡萄。該產區由於河谷地形影響,使得太平洋的冷涼空氣可以順著河谷進入內地,並累積在河谷低處,形成保護並維持較長時間的涼爽氣候,造就葡萄在加州炎熱的天氣條件下,仍舊可以保留足夠的酸度。



  The Grapes



  Tasting Notes




  • 2018 酒款評分:Wine Enthusiast 93
  • 2016 酒款評分:Wine Enthusiast 92
  • 2014 酒款評分:Wine Enthusiast 91
  • 2012 酒款評分:Wine Enthusiast 87


   For the Trade

Thank you for your interest in Les Belles Collines.  If you do not find what you are looking for below, please contact us at info@lesbellescollines.com.



Wine Enthusiast 93

This crisp white is fresh in persistent acidity and aged in 30% new French oak. It offers a mix of green apple, nutmeg and vanilla bean flavors that are balanced and complex, with an elegant structure and lingering finish.












Wine Enthusiast 91

Smooth and stony in mineral elements, this is a complex, medium-bodied and structured white. It is well defned in bold flavors of green apple, melon and Meyer lemon.










Wine Enthusiast 92

Initially intense in caramel and salty toffee, this wine offers a vibrant strip of acidity that provides backbone and levity to the body and oak. Floral and fruity in yuzu, it presents itself in a big style, but ultimately finishes with balance.


Wine Enthusiast 87

There are lots of bells and whistles on this Chard, including partial malolactic fermentation and aging in 25% new French oak barrels. The result is a creamy, rich wine, with honeyed pineapple, tropical fruit, buttered toast and caramel flavors.

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