Planting the right grapes in the right soil with the right weather is just the beginning of our wine. Beyond this we work hand-in-hand with our vineyards to ensure that the grapes we use every year are farmed to our specifications. Our goal is to grow flavorful, ripe grapes that have reached phenolic maturity while maintaining the acidity necessary for great wine.

The first key to this goal is lower yields. Yield, generally expressed as tons per acre, can be a key indicator of the quality of grapes and wine. We prefer to farm our vineyards for a lower yield by green-harvesting throughout the growing season. As a result, the nutrients provided by the vines are concentrated in nothing but the best grapes.

The second key to canopy management. After all, while foliage is necessary for vine growth and grape development, an overly vigorous canopy takes away nutrients from grapes and results in wines that are green and under-ripe. Over-management of the canopy can result in sunburned grapes. Striking the right balance between sunlight, shade, air movement, and nutrient production is critical for proper grape development






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